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Smart kitchen accelerate realization
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Today's kitchen appliances, has become China's home appliance market, a different army. Not only contrarian maintained a rapid growth trend, but also become the only home appliance brands in China occupy high-end market category. It can be said that the overall size of the home appliance market growth in 2016 years, the high growth of kitchen appliances has played a major role, especially with the continuous hot smart kitchen "concept, but also to the kitchen electricity market has brought new vitality.

This year's China appliances and Consumer Electronics Fair (referred to as AWE) is remarkable, the wisdom of life, the 2017 AWE global platform "as the theme, intelligent elements everywhere, especially in the kitchen electric Museum, the new intelligent chef power giant concentrated appearance, have layout future kitchen.

Although today's major brands of products and intelligent path is not the same, but in the field of kitchen electricity, intelligent trend has become increasingly evident. The interaction is more and more rich, more intelligent single product category between different electric kitchen, the platform of the intelligent electric kitchen ecosystem has been initially formed, the once sounds far fetched represents a new experience in the future of cooking "smart kitchen", is now accelerating cash.

General manager Naka Yiyasu Jia Dongsheng for the development trend of electricity industry kitchen has said 2020 kitchen appliances intelligent product penetration is expected to reach more than 20%, retail sales reached 50 billion yuan, the future of smart kitchen electric market has great potential. From focusing on product function to focusing on user experience, from optimizing kitchen space to building kitchen ecosystem, from improving quality of life to creating gourmet culture. The future of intelligent kitchen electricity products will no longer be cost-effective, but the product behind the way of life.

Smart kitchen hot, triggering a new round of brand tug of war

Today, the intelligent kitchen appliances is an inevitable trend, and how to transform the smart kitchen electricity field, is placed in front of the traditional kitchen power enterprise is an imminent problem. With the wisdom of the kitchen kitchen electric market hot, a new round of tug of war has come, the kitchen electricity giants all bright tricks.

In the current AWE, FOTILE hand in hand with HUAWEI, jointly produced with a new generation of HUAWEI smart home system Fang Taifeng Rubik's cube smoke hood. In addition, FOTILE also has launched a variety of intelligent products including hood, fire direct injection gas stove, efficient U disinfection cabinet, sink, dishwasher, oven, steamer embedded embedded, embedded microwave oven.

According to reports, intelligent hood products the launch of FOTILE - FOTILE wind cube (model JQ01TS) HUAWEI HiLink version of HUAWEI Home Furnishing joined the intelligent system, users can download the HUAWEI smart Home Furnishing APP connection and control products, and the future cooperation between the two sides will focus on solving the Yu Zhihui family joint development scheme.

Insiders said that HUAWEI and FOTILE in the field of smart home hand in hand is a powerful combination, both sides in their respective advantages in the field has an irreplaceable role. In this from the traditional transition to the era of the Internet of things, the most need is the cooperation between the industrial chain, FOTILE and HUAWEI this complementary Home Furnishing can accelerate the intelligent landing in the kitchen area, to really benefit the people's intelligence technology Home Furnishing life.

In addition, the boss appliances in addition to fourth big suction hood released a new definition, and launched a new upgrade of the third generation of ROKI system and SMARTPAN intelligent intelligent cooking pot products, refresh the creation of intelligent kitchen cooking experience.

With the release of the third generation ROK intelligent cooking system, the future of the boss electrical layout for many years, the kitchen gradually began to show, that is, based on the large suction intelligent lampblack machine and ROKI built intelligent kitchen new ecology. This does not just mean that culinary culinary experience will be upgraded to a whole new height, but also quietly opens a new prelude to the strategy of defining the future kitchen in the center of the world.

Vice president of marketing boss Chen Wei said, "to solve the ROKI intelligent cooking system, not only the product of intelligent electric kitchen, but ecological kitchen, really build a new experience for the reconstruction of cooking in the kitchen, standing in the world of the future China definition of electric kitchen".

Haier also on the AWE unveiled a complete set of Intelligent Cloud kitchen appliances, including cloud kitchen hood, 1 stoves, 5 gas stoves, high temperature self-cleaning oven, light wave pasteurization cabinet. The kitchen lampblack machine is the industry's first cloud networking complete sets of lampblack machine, equipped with a 5 inch large screen set, wisdom, audio-visual entertainment, delicacy in one, really let the kitchen into the wisdom of the Internet era, but also to achieve interoperability between products and products, the linkage with the gas stove, cooking can be a key to wisdom. If the user selects the menu in the cloud kitchen hood on the screen after the disinfection cabinet can be opened according to the need of intelligent warming plate function, through the intelligent interaction between the two, allowing users to directly use the temperature just fine tableware, provide new life experience for its intelligence, health.

According to reports, Haier cloud kitchen hood hood as the Internet industry's first market sales, the whole design of hidden conical oil net, the cavity depth reaches 120mm, the industry's dark smoke chamber, the normal volume of up to 20m /min fand the highest in the industry. Recently, the spread of the Internet it suck lampblack machine 12 cocktail video, once again proved its super suction, allowing users to bid farewell to the kitchen YanXunHuoLiao problems.

It is worth noting that, Haier cloud kitchen hood equipped with Youku, Himalaya and other entertainment audio-visual APP, the user from the boring kitchen life liberated. And the flavor of the road, APP comes with 15 thousand video recipes, so that the kitchen "white" can also easily cook delicious dishes