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Kitchen electricity consumer groups younger market ushered in emerging category outbreak
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In recent years, the development of kitchen electricity industry, thanks to the promotion of industrial restructuring, consumption and upgrading, the kitchen appliance market continues to grow. According to Xinyikang data show that in 2017 1-8 months, the kitchen electricity market reached 61 billion 800 million yuan, an increase of 16.1%, the growth rate is far higher than the overall household appliance market. In the kitchen power industry, this profit highland, with the changes in the structure of consumer consumption, mainstream consumer groups are also showing a trend of younger, emerging kitchen category ushered in explosive growth.

Electric ovens, steam ovens and dishwashers and other emerging products quickly go hot, consumers also simply pursue the practicality of products into high-end, intelligent products. The user needs the dishwasher with the mainstream market ushered in the spring after the younger consumer groups, more and more consumers are starting to understand the concept of the dishwasher, they can easily accept the dishwasher as a kind of energy saving products, to buy a dishwasher desire also increased for two consecutive years dishwasher market showing a "exponential growth". "2017 Chinese dishwasher industry white paper" pointed out that in 2016 the market retail sales reached 1 billion 980 million yuan, an increase of 104.8%; as of 2017 to August, the dishwasher market retail sales reached 2 billion 420 million yuan, the total retail sales last year, an increase of 134.7%.

Dishwasher as a new household appliances, has been favored by more and more young groups, the growth rate for two consecutive years leading the kitchen electricity industry and even household appliances industry. The dishwasher can achieve rapid growth in the China market, behind the power in addition to the needs of consumer groups, many household electrical appliance enterprises pushing undeniable. Under the call of market demand, the total number of dishwasher brands in 2017 reached 43. The residents' consumption structure changes, as the kitchen electric market has brought new impetus in recent years, the "kitchen economy" gradually replace the "living room" of the economy, the industry generally believe that in 2017 the "kitchen economy" will exceed 100 billion, the fundamental reason of the rapid growth of kitchen electric industry is the national living standard is high, the kitchen has become the new family life center electric kitchen, position in the minds of consumers is increased. From the latest data can be seen in the range hood and gas stove as the representative of the traditional electric kitchen category, half a year still maintained two digit growth in 2017, were 12.4% and 11.3%, higher than the overall growth rate of household appliance market.

In 2017, the retail sales of lampblack machines will reach 41 billion 900 million yuan, up 9.2% on the same period. The kitchen into the era of intelligent high-end smart products China thermal focus appliance industry "temper Endeavour" of five years, Chinese appliance industry constantly from "Chinese manufacturing" to "Chinese made", intelligent products have gradually entered people's life. With the rapid increase of the national economic level, the consumption structure of residents also changes, consumers pay more attention to health, safety and living standards, and the requirements for products are also transition from practicality to high-end and intelligent. In order to meet the needs of new consumers, kitchen and toilet enterprises must insist on creating high-end intelligent products, and actively upgrade the product structure to meet and meet the needs of consumption.

According to the monitoring data of kitchen electric industry line Orville cloud under the display, the first half of the year, TOP10 brand market share of more than 85%, it is not difficult to find, with the rapid development of kitchen electric industry competition situation continues, expanding market resources and channels began to gather to Vanward, FOTILE, Vatti, boss, Haier and other brands, small brands the development of space will continue to be squeezed.

Overall, the kitchen electricity industry has a bright future, and the scale of 100 billion has been close. Nowadays, there are still many potential potentials in the kitchen and electric power industry, which will maintain sustained and rapid growth in the next few years.