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The difference between liquefied gas stove and natural gas stove
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A lot of people in the difference for gas stove and gas stove and trouble, because most of the home is a lot of pipeline from the liquefied gas into natural gas, so everyone wants to know the gas stove and gas stove, for this problem is relatively good distinction, following small series with everyone from liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas as well as the distinctions of introduce.

The difference between liquefied gas stove and natural gas stove

The gases we normally use to burn are liquefied petroleum gas, gas, and natural gas. The liquefied gas and coal gas, natural gas pressure is not the same, so the gas nozzle aperture is not the same, the liquefied gas outlet port is very small, to be slightly larger in natural gas, coal gas, which is in the nozzle nozzle switch in the back of the stove bottom, connecting ventilation tube small stove mouth.

The composition of liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas is also different. The oxygen needed for combustion is different. Under normal circumstances, the amount of oxygen required for natural gas combustion is less than the amount of oxygen required for complete combustion of liquefied petroleum gas.

Natural gas is the best gas fuel with high calorific value, complete combustion, low impurity content, and little pollution after combustion. Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is inconvenient to use, especially for transportation and storage of large consumers. Incomplete combustion, combustion products and incomplete combustion will cause pollution.

Usually, the pressure of liquefied gas is 2800P, and the pore size of gas nozzle is small, but the pressure of natural gas and gas is small, the pore size is large, and the natural gas is 2000P, so they can not mix. In fact, the liquefied gas stove readily converted into natural gas stove, because the household rarely use forced air blast, so as long as the existing nozzle aperture can be double hole; if it is forced to send wind stove for industrial use, in addition to expanding small door, otherwise it is easy to stall.

So it is because of the above differences, so three kinds of gas stove is not universal, if not the liquefied gas stove into natural gas stove, will cause the vent is too large, out of natural gas supply shortage, or fire off abnormal combustion phenomenon.

Here, we should have clear difference between gas stove and gas stove, but now in many parts of the country with natural gas, the changes in general businesses are ready for spare parts, and everyone in the choose and buy when you can see above the stove gas stove logo, signs which regular manufacturers with "T" said; liquefied gas stove with "Y", artificial gas stoves represented by "R". Also from the stove outlet can also see the liquefied gas (the highest calorific value of 12000 kcal / m3) so it is the outlet of the fine, about 0.5-1 mm, the middle gas calorific value (8000 kcal / m3) outlet it is 2 mm; artificial gas calorific value minimum (GB: not less than 3400 kcal / m3 so, it's outlet) is about 2.5-3 mm.